An analysis of in search of excellence

Politically, America was falling behind in the Cold War against Russia. Economically, the country was stilled gripped by stag-flation - stagnation coupled with inflation. America was facing a crisis in competiveness and its position as the world economic superpower was being threatened by Japan and West Germany.

An analysis of in search of excellence

By Amy Mitchell and Tom Rosenstiel Where People Go, How They Get There and What Lures Them Away Whatever the future of journalism, much of it depends on understanding the ways that people navigate the digital news environment—the behavior of what might be called the new news consumer.

Despite the unprecedented level of data about what news people consume online and how they consume it, understanding these new metrics has often proven elusive. The statistics are complicated, sometimes contradictory, and often introduce new information whose meaning is not clear.

The study examines the top 25 news websites in popularity in the United States, delving deeply into four main areas of audience behavior: Overall, the findings suggest that there is not one group of news consumers online but several, each of which behaves differently.

These differences call for news organizations to develop separate strategies to serve and make money from each audience. The findings also reveal that while search aggregators remain the most popular way users find news, the universe of referring sites is diverse. Social media is rapidly becoming a competing driver of traffic.

And far from obsolete, home pages are usually the most popular page for most of the top news sites. What users do with news content, the study also suggests, could significantly influence the economics of the news industry. Understanding not only what content users will want to consume but also what content they are likely to pass along may be a key to how stories are put together and even what stories get covered in the first place.

Three quarters came only once or twice. Time spent was even more daunting: Even among the top nationally recognized news site brands, Google remains the primary entry point.

Social media, however, and Facebook in particular, are emerging as a powerful news referring source. At five of the top sites, Facebook is the second or third most important driver of traffic.

Twitter, on the other hand, barely registers as a referring source. When it comes to the age, news consumers to the top news websites are on par with Internet users overall. This stands apart from news consumption on traditional platforms, which tends to skew older, and may bode well for the industry.

All of this suggests that news organizations might need a layered and complex strategy for serving audiences and also for monetizing them.

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They may need, for instance, to develop one way to serve casual users and another way for power users. They may decide it makes sense to try to convert some of those in the middle to visit more often.

Or they may try to make some of their loyal audience stay longer by creating special content. Advertising may help monetize some groups, while subscriptions will work for others.

And the strategy that works best for each site may differ.

An analysis of in search of excellence

In the new report, PEJ narrowed the focus to the top 25 sites. Despite the rapid growth of eReader and tablet devices, most online news consumption still occurs on browser. The study, which examined nine months of consumer data spanning the first three quarters ofsheds light on the significance of search aggregators and social networks, the importance of creating a family of related Websites, and hints at which kinds of sites might have more success with paywalls than others.

This report offers an analysis of data collected by one metric agency, the Nielsen Company. One of the challenges with the current state of most all internet audience data is the differences that arise from one system to another.

Server side data like that of Hitwise, for example, will report different numbers because it uses a different methodology than panel-based data. Google analytics starts from yet another different base.

And all of these are third party measurement systems are going to differ from a single sites in-house measurement system. Data based on unique visitors will be different than data based on total traffic or total hits. Even the way website domains and sub-domains are broken up makes a difference.

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The greatest value within each of these systems, then, is looking at the data relative to itself—to other findings within that same system rather than comparing figures across systems.Tom Peters is one of the most influential business writers of the last 20 years, and this was his initial work.

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Where People Go, How They Get There and What Lures Them Away

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