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Attacked the Greens for not having family values. Opposed paid parental leave.

Business plan australian governor

The monarch is represented through the Governor-Generalwho has executive powers granted in the Constitution, [1] as well as rarely exercised reserve powers. The Governor-General is ordinarily bound by convention to act only upon the advice of the government and the Prime Ministerbut can act independently and against advice in exercising the reserve powers.

As Liberal Party leader Malcolm Fraser, who would play a large part in the crisis, put it, "The Queen has tenure, and she couldn't be sacked.

But a Governor-General holds office at pleasure, and if he ceases to please then he can be removed by a Prime Minister. However, Australia's Parliament also has a powerful upper house, the Senate, which must pass any legislation initiated by the House of Representatives if it is to become law.

The composition of the Senate, in which each state has an equal number of senators regardless of that state's population, was originally designed to attract the Australian colonies into one Federation.


InGough Whitlam, as Leader of the Opposition, had stated of a budget bill, "Let me make it clear at the outset that our opposition to this Budget is no mere formality.

We intend to press our opposition by all available means on all related measures in both Houses. If the motion is defeated, we will vote against the Bills here and in the Senate.

Our purpose is to destroy this Budget and destroy the Government which has sponsored it. Twice since Federation, conflicts between state premiers and state governorswho perform analogous functions to the Prime Minister and Governor-General respectively at the state level, had resulted in the departure of one or the other.

He managed to hold on to power with the aid of opposition parties and consulted the Governor, Sir Gerald Stricklandproposing to pass legislation to extend the term of the lower house of the state legislature by a year.

When Strickland objected, stating that such a course was unfair to Labor, Holman had him replaced. The governor, Sir Philip Gamewrote to Lang, warning him that ministers were breaking the law, and that if they continued, he would have to obtain ministers who could carry on government within legal bounds.

Lang replied that he would not resign, and Game dismissed his government and commissioned the Leader of the Opposition, Bertram Stevensto form a caretaker government pending a new election, in which Labor was defeated.

In both instances where those circumstances arose prior to the Whitlam Government, in andthe Governor-General dissolved Parliament for a " double dissolution " election on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Opposition, which still controlled the Senate, allowed some Government bills to pass the Senate, and blocked others.

The Coalition and Labor each had 29 Senate seats, with the balance of power held by two independents. Whitlam wanted him to remain a further two years, but Hasluck declined, citing his wife 's refusal to remain at Yarralumla longer than the originally agreed five years.

Kerr was reluctant to give up the Chief Justiceship, in which he intended to remain another ten years, for the Governor-General's post, which traditionally lasted five years. At Kerr's request, Whitlam informally agreed that if both men were still in office in five years, Kerr would be reappointed.

Whitlam also secured legislation to address Kerr's financial concerns about the position, including authorising a pension for the Governor-General or his widow. The Leader of the Opposition, Billy Sneddenwas enthusiastic about the appointment and also agreed to reappoint Kerr in five years, were he Prime Minister at the time.

Section 57 of the Constitution provides that, after a double dissolution election, if bills that had been rejected twice by the Senate in the previous parliament were again passed by the House and again rejected by the Senate, they could then be put to a joint sitting of both houses.

On 30 July, Whitlam gained Kerr's agreement for a joint sitting, which was set for 6—7 August The joint sittingthe only one in Australia's history under Section 57, passed all six bills, including the enabling legislation for Medibank. Khemlani was said to have contacts in the newly enriched Arab oil nations.

Under proportional representation, Labor could win three of the five New South Wales seats, but if Murphy's seat was also contested, it was most unlikely to win four out of six. By convention, senators appointed by the state legislature to fill casual vacancies were from the same political party as the former senator.

The New South Wales premier, Tom Lewisfelt that this convention only applied to vacancies caused by deaths or ill-health, and arranged for the legislature to elect Cleaver Buntonformer mayor of Albury and an independent. The question of supply—let me deal with it this way.

I generally believe if a government is elected to power in the lower House and has the numbers and can maintain the numbers in the lower House, it is entitled to expect that it will govern for the three-year term unless quite extraordinary events intervene Whitlam then offered Barnard a diplomatic post; in early Barnard agreed to this.

If the appointment went through, Barnard's resignation from the House of Representatives would trigger a by-election in his Tasmanian electorate of Bass.

ALP officials felt that, given the party's weakened state, Barnard should remain in Parliament and be given no preferment if he resigned; party president and future Prime Minister Bob Hawke described the decision to appoint Barnard as "an act of lunacy".

business plan australian governor

The Liberals had a candidate, Kevin Newmanwho had been nursing the electorate; Labor had no candidate selected and a bitter preselection in the offing. He was replaced as deputy by Frank Crean.

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