Diagramas de fases

Destilacin y absorcin EC1: Problemario de equilibrio de fases y calculos flash Alumno:

Diagramas de fases

Question Files All Animations View the animations by clicking the 'view' links for each animation. You can also download these animations if you are logged in. Aeration Animation of water limiting and aeration limiting factors.

Allergic response This animation shows the process the human body goes through when exposed to allergens. Antisense-Russian Translation This animation describes and illustrates the different types of flowers found in the family Asteraceae.

Auxin and Auxinic Herbicide Mechanisms of Action This animation illustrates how auxins and auxinic herbicides may elicit responses in plant cells. It describes basipetal transport of auxins via influx and efflux carriers and displays a scenario of auxin action where auxin receptors recognize auxins and auxinic herbicides, which then induce a signal transduction cascade to turn on various Diagramas de fases products.

Diagramas de fases

The role of these gene products in plant response is shown as well. This is the seventh of a series of seven animations that detail the process of crop genetic engineering.

To begin at the beginning, see Overview of Crop Genetic Engineering. To return to the animation previous to this, go to Gene Gun. Bacteria Transformation Illustrates the beginning stages of gene cloning. This animation shows how plasmids become recombinant and are inserted into bacteria cells.

This is the second of four animations detailing the gene cloning process. To begin at the beginning, see Making a Recombinant Plasmid.

To see the next animation, go to Making a Gene Library. Cereal Quality An animation about cereal grain and how how to measure cereal grain quality.

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Corn Crossing An interactive animation first demonstrating how controlled crosses are made in corn then asking the learner to click and drag objects to make a controlled cross of their own. Corn Rootworm Lifecycle and Bt This animation shows the lifecycle of the corn rootworm, as well as showing what happens when corn rootworm larvae consume roots containing Bt.

Development of QTL Mapping Populations The objective of this animation is to develop a QTL mapping population for locating and characterizing the genes responsible for resistance to tan spot disease of wheat. This is the second of a series of seven animations that detail the process of crop genetic engineering.

To go to the next animation, go to Gene Cloning. ECB Generation map The generation map shows the different regions of the United States and how many European corn borer generations occur in each. Ethylene Synthesis This animation shows the ethylene biosynthesis pathway and how auxins and environmental stresses induce it.

Flower Parts This animation illustrates the botanical parts of flower structures. Flower structures, Plant Breeding, Cross Pollination, Making Crosses This animations illustrates the structures of a flower, plant breeding, cross pollination and making crosses.

Gel Electrophoresis This animation explains how gel electrophoresis works.Diagramas de fases (determinação do teor de óxidos) A Tabela I apresenta as composições selecionadas para a moldagem e posterior fusão de ferro fundido (C1 a C3) e alumínio (C4 e C5), bem como o teor de óxidos (em %) presentes em cada uma delas.

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2m 57s. 8. La fase Mejorar del proceso Six Sigma 8. Hiram Velez studies Control, Automatización, and Informática Industrial. Diagramas de Feynman Resumo Capítulo Bruus & Flensberg INSTITUTO DE FÍSICA equação de Dyson em diagramas ikn — Impurezas em metais desordenados nimp = impurezas substitucionais espaço de fases de integração relaxação de momento: Pimp oo Ik2 kF h2(kF + .

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Diagramas de fases