Infodump writing a book

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Infodump writing a book

July 3, Info dumping is a problem for many writers.

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These info dumps are usually done through narration but can be found in dialogue as well. Jessica was her best friend. They met in high school and spent every day together.

On the day they met, they were at dance class, which they both thought was kind of dumb, but had attended on a whim. Jessica stood right next to her and they laughed together about how goofy the boys looked dancing.

After that they started doing everything together and became two peas in a pod. Sample Info Dump Through Dialogue: We met in high school and spent every day together. On the day we met, we were at a dance class, which we both thought was kind of dumb, but…. Info dumps can often stretch for paragraphs, pages, or even full chapters.

Info dumps can be fairly easily identified because nothing within the info dump is happening in the moment of the scene.

Often they are reflections on the past back story or convey facts about the characters or world. If you look at the sample info dump above, you can see right away that nothing being described is happening right now. The most common things to info dump about are: How abilities work magical or otherwise.

Why are Info Dumps Bad? Readers want to be immersed in the moment of the story. They want to feel like they are standing beside your main character as exciting things happen around them. Info dumps also fail to create an emotional reaction in the reader.

Consider the following gem: Jake had brown hair and blue eyes and liked to dance and play with dogs and do jumping jacks and one time his mother left him with the neighbor for a week and so he has deep emotional scars.

Generally no, but a little bit of telling here and there is acceptable and encouraged. If you try to write a story with no telling at all, the reader may have difficulty fully understanding motivations. The keys to effective telling are: Integrate it into the scene as much as possible.

Make it relevant to something that is happening in the moment. In other words, no dumping! Sprinkle information throughout a scene or throughout the entire novel.

Only tell the reader the minimum of what they need to know at any given moment. Note that there are narrative styles that can get away with some info dumping: An omniscient narrator with a great voice and interesting perspective can make info dumps a seamless part of the narration.

But only when the info dumps convey voice or interesting character traits. Though I would not rest on this fact to justify keeping unimportant info dumps. But be honest with yourself!

How to Avoid Info Dumps in the Setup Info dumps can be a problem no matter where they fall in your manuscript, but I decided to put this lecture in the week focused on novel beginnings because the setup is notorious for lengthy info dumps.

Plus, the closer to the beginning you info dump, the more likely it is to annoy the reader. Because the reader is not yet invested enough in your story to be willing to wade through the information you want to tell them. Cut Info Dumps from Your Setup Go through your manuscript as far as you are able given your time commitment to Novel Boot Camp and highlight every piece of telling and every little info dump.Go forth and infodump like it’s your last opportunity to do so, because it very well may be.

Write for fifteen minutes about the first day of spring.

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Post your block of exposition in the comments, and leave notes for your fellow writers. Jul 03,  · Novel Boot Camp – Lecture #3: How to Avoid Info Dumping. July 3, Info dumping is a problem for many writers. Sometimes it’s lazy writing. If you need to rewrite a major chunk of your book to avoid info dumping, do it!

infodump writing a book

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infodump writing a book

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