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When they first meet, Shrek tries covering the donkey's mouth and he still keeps talking. The radio from The Brave Little Toaster is a chatterbox who usually phrases his dialogue as radio broadcasts about Teddy Roosevelt. When Dean lets Hogarth have some espresso described as "Coffee-zilla"the boy launches into a rambling rant about school, ending with the expected request for more coffee.

Mabel s labels write away academy

Music, Social Comment and We Are All by Howard Lawes [You are able to listen to the music at the same time as reading this article and without leaving the page if you click here recommended.

mabel s labels write away academy

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The vast majority of music is ephemeral, entertaining or something interesting to listen to, but it can also be more than this, it can cause elation, sadness and in some cases can express views and emotion more effectively than words can. In an article in The Guardian, Dorian Lynskey refers to it as '.

Strange Fruit was included in the list of the top 20 political songs of all time published In in The New Statesman. Such songs are well known by very many people and when heard can invoke strong feelings about the injustices suffered by minorities, about damage to the environment and the appalling consequences of war, mabel s labels write away academy songs and music can be equally effective at engendering feelings of patriotism - songs such as Rule Britannia, Finlandia and Beethoven's Ode To Joy, which has become the national anthem of the European Union.

The fourth, slower take is the one that was the official release, but I think this is Bird from the third take click here. Just a few weeks later a bomb, planted by white supremacists, exploded in a church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four children.

This appalling crime with Martin Luther King's moving condemnation of it inspired the composition of the tune Alabama by John Coltrane. The reason for this, according to Gene Santoro, is that the Columbia record company didn't want the words to be on the record.

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In more recent times many jazz musicians have come together to support social and political causes, Barack Obama benefitted from a fund-raising concert in called Jazz For Obama, while in Jazz For Labour featured an exceptional array of UK jazz talent.

Vocalist Vimala Rowe gave her rendition of Strange Fruit at this event and Courtney Pine closed the show by remarking that "in jazz and life we can only do this together". Continuing to quote from their publicity material: Click here for a video of Phronesis playing One For Us from the album. Ivo Neame's inspiration for his tune Matrix For D.

The tune has so much going on it is difficult to take it all in and you certainly need to listen several times to appreciate the finer points and polyrhythmic nature of the piece.

Click here for a video of Phronesis playing Matrix For D. The track starts slowly with a plodding piano and double bass providing the melody although these roles are swapped as the piece progresses to a somewhat enigmatic conclusion.

Eger's The Edge is an unexpectedly tender and melodic composition from a drummer whose performances are so often energetic and forceful, however one must admit that it speeds up significantly with a crescendo towards the end. Neame's Emerald Horseshoe has a rather mysterious title which reflects the cryptic nature of the music Most of the critical comment published since the release of the album We Are All has been about the music, all extremely positive, highlighting the band's continued development, the excellence of their musicianship, compositions and rapport.

However apart from the music there is a message which the band is trying to communicate which is their concern for the health of our planet and the wellbeing of all its inhabitants. While it is undeniably easier to convey such messages with songs rather then music alone, if Phronesis fans everywhere were to pass on this message the band may well achieve a whole lot more than great music and carry on a tradition of caring for others initiated by the campaigning jazz musicians of America during their struggle for civil rights.

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Click here for album purchase details. Click here for more about John Muir.Doo Wop Shoo Bop list of soul CDs now available. Most are considered to be oldies, doo wop and vocal group harmony style of music from the 's.

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