Mental health case studies uk

This includes aiding prevention of ill health and mental ill health by encouraging Suffolk residents to become more active, and lead healthier lives with a better understanding of the links between physical and mental health. There are currently many activities the public can attend in Suffolk Libraries which fit into this agenda, including: The MHIS aims to further advertise these groups as being beneficial for wellbeing and also to develop and deliver new groups, events and activities to support the strategy.

Mental health case studies uk

I was taking drugs and I had run away from my previous placement more than once. I was anxious, depressed, self-harming and at times I felt suicidal.

When I went to New Hall I was still having thoughts about self harm, I developed a knack of pushing staff to the limits but even when I did, they never gave up on me.

Gradually I began to like myself again. I received lots of encouragement, I was praised where praise was due and given constructive feedback when it was needed. Staff would certainly not always agree with me but always explained why I could not do certain things.

I was encouraged to attend Wrexham Disability Football Club. Playing football and socialising with fellow footballers gave me confidence, a great set of new friends and improved my physical and mental health.

My New Hall journey was not always positive. A few months before my eventual discharge I was re-sectioned when I was going through a challenging time but with the help and support of the team at New Hall that was short-lived.

I was really sad to leave all my friends at New Hall when I moved to a step down facility however I still come back to see my friends. New Hall certainly set me onto the road to recovery.

I am 22 and have been at New Hall for 14 months. I suffered very traumatic experience when I was 17 and as a result of this used alcohol and substances including cannabis, ecstasy, crack-cocaine, ketamine and heroin to block this out.

This obviously had a significant impact on my mental health. My mother was just a cash machine that I used regularly.

I was admitted to New Hall initially on Glaslyn ward which is a low secure unit.

Mental health case studies uk

For the first 5 months I refused to engage with any groups, then I started to work with two amazing Occupational Therapists Dave and Craig. They are the most amazing motivators that I have ever met. They offered me so many different choices of things to do including going to the cinema and other places of interest.

I also participated in an anxiety management course, a course to help me manage my depression and a course to help me become more assertive. They helped me to mature and grow. The staff here are phenomenal, they listen to you and you can actually tell that they care about you. The nurses are amazing, they sit down regularly with you to have a one to one.

I can honestly say that New Hall has saved my life and now I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Friendships were immediately forged between the three ladies and they found that they shared many similar interests. Household chores were shared amongst the three ladies and staff team and when one of her friends moved out of the service Jane began speaking with staff about her own future aspirations, and how living with minimal support nearer to mum was her ultimate goal.

Following open and honest conversations between Jane and the staff, it was agreed that Jane would need to improve her daily living skills which could help lead to the independence she aspired to. We set about making realistic plans with Jane which identified everything she would need to be able to do to achieve this including keeping herself safe and well, keeping her home clean, cooking nutritious meals, managing her finances and being able to access the community for her personal shopping and activities where she interacted with others appropriately.

After 12 months of hard work, Jane is now using the local bus service to access the community independently to attend the gym twice weekly, and for her personal shopping and days out. With some education, Jane is now choosing nutritious meals and is cooking occasional meals for the home with minimal support.

Jane has re-established good relationships with family members, visiting them and receiving visits to her home and Jane is working hard to overcome her shyness to enable her to meet new people and make friends.

As a result of her hard work and her enjoyment of singing, Jane was involved in the annual Eisteddfod in Llangollen, where together with other members of the singing group, they stood centre stage and performed a song to rapturous applause.

Jane is also now volunteering 2 days a week in a local charity shop, where she prices items, sorts the stocks out and is a respected member of the team. Jane is keen to reach her goal but realises it will take time, but in the meantime, Jane is making excellent progress towards achieving this.

For me and my staff team, these are the true rewards of our job.Case Studies I used to say that mental health was completely outside of my remit—but now we realise it’s strategically important to the business. Rolling out change across WHSmith. Mental health case study write about the case study so when you start writing the essay open the file essay design it will direct you to a better essay outcome also the file essay assignment making info has the essential info please note that the case i have chosen in the case studies file case [ ].

Mental health practice case studies filmed as part of the Online Assessment Workbook. Each film presents a case study of a difficult mental health situation which practitioners may come across as part of their practice. Examples include listening skills; confidentiality; social isolation and bereavement.

Filmed by the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health. Mental health; Case studies; Case studies Driving up quality in mental health care.

Mental health care across the NHS in England is changing to improve the experiences of the people who use them.

In many areas, a transformation is already under way, offering people better and earlier access as well as more personalised care, whilst building. Case Studies. Case Studies.

More pages in this section. Case Studies; Gorden - Successful CBT For Complex Mental Health Issues Succesful CBT for complex mental health issues. Robert: Successful rehabilitation for schizophrenia. (Provider ID: ) For more information visit Powered by PJ Web Design Manchester.

Health and high quality care for all, now and for future generations.

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