Newater brand and singapores water reclaimation environmental sciences essay

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. More specifically, it is treated wastewater sewage that has been purified using dual-membrane via microfiltration and reverse osmosis and ultraviolet technologies, in addition to conventional water treatment processes.

Newater brand and singapores water reclaimation environmental sciences essay

Water Water, is essential to all forms of life. Water plays a huge part in our lives whether you realize it or not.

It ties in with many different factors, some being political, social, environmental and ethical. Singapore has her own water issue as well. Water is extremely vital for our survival. According to Water Partners International.

This shows us the extreme importance of water in our lives and without it we will perish, so we should not be taking what we have for granted.

Newater brand and singapores water reclaimation environmental sciences essay

Singapore had to rely on Malaysia for water since then till today due to her size and the amount of people living in Singapore. Singapore has advanced from being a third world country to a first world country in the past century however she still lacks the ability to produce enough drinking water for the population which according to the CIA.

Thus till today, Singapore still acquires water from Malaysia. According to Lee, Poh Onn. However according to Lee, Poh Onn.

Newater brand and singapores water reclaimation environmental sciences essay

Unfortunately, it does not end here. In Januarythe Malaysia government noted that they would like to secure a fairer price for raw water from Singapore Lee, Poh Onn. Thus in result to the new demands of pricing, Singapore started to resorts into finding new ways to acquire water.

However this play would only be in full motion in the year So as for the time being, the political tension for water continues.

The NEWater Brand

So the Singaporean government realized that depending on other countries for water put them in a very vulnerable position and if by any chance Malaysia suddenly decided to cut off our supply of water, what would become of the nation? This led to the creation of NEWater, to serve the purpose of the being the fourth national tap to fulfill the growing water consumption of Singapore RGS.

Science can help solve this water issue as technology today is advance enough to be able to convert sea water into drinking water, through desalination and by that producing clean drinking water.

The production for clean drinking water goes though a number of processes. Below is the process of which seawater is turned into drinking water: What we can benefit from science is that we are able to treat our water to reuse and recycle it again and again.

We are also able to convert sea water into drinking water if needed. However, the limitations are that the process is very costly and it might upset the balance of density and temperature in the sea which might lead to other issues such as global warming.Biwater AEWT was recently awarded a supply contract for the largest water reuse project in South East Asia.

At a capacity of , m³/day (60MGD), this will provide 15% of Singapore's water demand by The contract is for a reverse osmosis treatment plant for the fifth, and largest, NEWater facility in Singapore.

SembCorp Industries is the main contractor for the design, build, own and. Changi Water Reclamation Plant (CWRP), located at the eastern end of Singapore, is one of the largest and most advanced reclamation facilities in the world. "NEWater is considered the pillar of Singapore’s water sustainability, currently meeting 30% of total water demand in the country." It was.

The used water that is treated by the plant will be discharged into the sea through deep-sea outfall pipes or channelled to the Changi NEWater factory on the rooftop of the reclamation plant where it is further purified, using membranes, into NEWater – Singapore's own brand of reclaimed water.

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New Research Alliance Between Foundation And PUB Singapore To Identify Sustainable Water Solutions - WateReuse Foundation and PUB. NEW Water is a clean water organization in Green Bay turning waste to energy by offering municipal wastewater treatment, water management, and more.

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