Ofwat business planning consultation de bourse

Required supporting documents Letter of reference by email or online Two letters of reference from referees should be sent to the program manager. The applicant must provide the number of his application and his personal identification number PIN to his referees to fulfill the letter.

Ofwat business planning consultation de bourse

The GOT prioritizes attracting and retaining FDI, reducing unemployment, and encouraging investment in the interior regions. More than 3, foreign companies currently operate in Tunisia, and the government has historically encouraged export-oriented FDI in key sectors such as call centers, electronics, aerospace and aeronautics, automotive parts, textile and apparel, leather and shoes, and agro-food.

Inthe sectors that attracted the most FDI were energy 38 percentelectrical and electronic industries 26 percentservices 15 percentmechanical industry 6 percentand construction materials 5 percent.

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Inadequate infrastructure in the interior regions results in the concentration of most foreign investment in the capital city of Tunis and its suburbs 59 percent and the eastern coastal regions 29 percent.

Internal western and southern regions attracted only 12 percent of foreign investment despite special tax incentives for those regions.

To encourage the responsible regulation of investments, the law provided for the creation of three major institutions: These institutions were launched in FIPA is a one-stop shop for foreign investors; it provides information on investment opportunities, advice on the appropriate conditions for success, assistance and support during the creation and implementation of the project, and contact facilitation and advocacy with all other government authorities.

Under the Investment Law article 7foreign investors enjoy national treatment not less favorable than Tunisian investors for their rights and obligations. Some exceptions to these percentages exist; for example, foreign equity in the agricultural sector cannot exceed 66 percent of the capital, and foreign investors cannot directly own agricultural land.

Pursuant to the Investment Law article 4a list of sectors outlining which investment categories are subject to government authorization was set by decree on May 11, These sectors touch on natural resources and construction materials, land, sea and air transport, banks, finance, insurance and financial markets, hazardous and polluting industries, health, education, telecommunication, and a broad swath of commercial activities and services.

ofwat business planning consultation de bourse

Per the decree, most investment requests receive automatic authorization if the relevant government body does not respond with a set period of time, typically 60 days. The decree goes into effect on July 1, The report is available here: The GOT has opened up the majority of the sectors of the economy to foreign capital participation with the exception of electricity transmission and distribution http: The World Bank Doing Business report ranks Tunisia th in terms of ease of starting a business.

Online project declaration for industry or service sector projects for both domestic and foreign investment is available at: While the online declaration process is clear and APII aims to respond within 24 hours, there are many additional steps that involve other government agencies that often delay business registration.

APII has set up a one-stop shop which offers registration of legal papers with the tax office, tax inspection office, court clerk, official Tunisian gazette, and customs. For agriculture and fisheries, business registration information can be found at: In the tourism industry, companies must register with the National Office for Tourism at: Its website is http: Outward Investment The GOT does not incentivize outward investment, and capital transfer abroad is tightly controlled by the Central Bank.

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Bilateral Investment Agreements and Taxation TreatiesShare Tunisia has signed 54 bilateral investment treaties of which 36 are in force, http: A meeting of the bilateral Trade and Investment Council in April helped promote engagement and cooperative reform efforts.Get forward-thinking business advice.

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THE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE FOR FINANCIAL REGULATION AND SUPERVISION IN EUROPE Dr. Rosa M. Lastra* presented in Seminars at IESE Business School in Barcelona in April and at the London Financial (Commission des Operations de Bourse-Committee for Stock Exchange Operations), CMF (Conseil des Marches Financiers-Council for Financial.

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Commission des Opérations de Bourse (COB) (France) The Commission des opérations de bourse is the public independent regulatory agency for the financial markets in France.

ofwat business planning consultation de bourse

Yorkshire Water Customer Forum Report Structure of report 5 Yorkshire Water’s engagement with An extensive programme of consultation has taken place with customers and regional characteristics of the business plan are fully understood by Ofwat, as the economic regulator.

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