Research papers on medical errors

System failure Medical errors can result in serious and dangerous implications not only for patients but also for the professional and the medical institution. Apart from this medical errors can be costly, can result in stressful situations, can consume extra time, and can be disturbing for the person. There can be different reasons behind medical errors.

Research papers on medical errors

Medication Errors Administration of medications is an important nursing function and one that if not properly carried out, can lead to a host of problems for the patient and nurse.

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It is estimated that over 1. Medication errors can result in consequences for both the patient and the nurse; death for the patient and legal troubles for the nurse. By following some basic strategies, nurses play an important role in the reduction of such errors. These strategies include following established safety procedures, utilizing team communication to ensure safety, and using technology to reduce errors.

There are many factors that contribute to Research papers on medical errors errors resulting in consequences to both patient and nurse. Factors that can contribute to errors include illegible handwritten drug orders, confusing drug names, and the use of nonstandard or unclear abbreviations Neal, For the patient, the effect of drug errors can range from no side effects to death.

For the nurse who commits a medication error the consequences can range from additional training and supervision to lawsuits and revocation of licensure. Medication errors can occur at any stage in the process of delivering medications to patients, from the originating prescriber to the pharmacy, but the majority of medication errors occur during administration.

Adherence to established safety procedures by all healthcare professionals can help to reduce medication errors. Errors occurring during the administration process are likely due to one of the steps of the five rights of medication administration being omitted: Factors that can exacerbate errors include problems with the drug distribution system, inadequate staffing levels, environmental factors e.

According to Davidhizar and Lonzerthe following strategies are useful in addressing safety issues that revolve around medication errors: Attention to safe drug administration and safety guidelines is of particular importance in efforts to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety; it is an issue that is of concern across the various healthcare disciplines and nurses are essentially the final check and balance in the system.

Communication is a key function for nurses in providing safe and effective healthcare to their patients, and includes communicating effectively with patients and other healthcare team members.

Often, dysfunctional communication patterns between professionals in healthcare entities results from the organizational structure which determines how professionals interact with each other, who has the power individual and groupand the cultural norms of the organization.

Johns Hopkins has adopted a three-step model that focuses on assertiveness as a strategy for communication. This model advocates that when nurses communicate it is appropriate to use the first name of the person they are addressing in order to get their attention.

The model further stresses that it is important to not only present the problem, but also present a solution and seek agreement to what has been proposed. Finally, the model suggests that if satisfactory resolution is not attained, move the problem up to the next level of authority Abudato, Organizational structure often dictates the way communications occur and it is important to remember that no matter the situation, mutual respect must be maintained.

Effective communication among all team members is an important aspect of delivering appropriate patient care and advocating for the patient, and is an area where things can often go wrong.

There is no substitute for common sense and diligence, but technological advances may be of use in helping to prevent medication errors. Technological measures include automated medication dispensing machines, computerized IV administration, and the bar coding of both patients and drugs.

A research study conducted among a select group of nursing students at a suburban New York university was designed to answer the question: Does the use of PDAs personal digital assistants with drug and medication calculation software improve the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration Greenfield, ?

Results of this study upheld the hypothesis that the use of PDAs and medical software did, overall, improve the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration. The author of the study recommends that all nursing students be required to have PDAs with drug and calculation software on them.

There is evidence to suggest that use of technology is helpful in reducing medication errors, nonetheless, a strong human component remains and does not replace the need for carefulness and good judgment.

Medication errors represent a serious issue for the healthcare community as a whole. Errors can result for a variety of reasons; however, the majority of errors occur during administration of the medications. Because the nurse is the final link in the process of administering medications, it is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure accurate delivery of medications to patients.Medical errors and patient safety fact sheets Health Care Simulation to Advance Safety: Responding to Ebola and Other Threats This issue brief underscores the helpful role simulation can serve in response to the Ebola virus disease, other emergent epidemic challenges, provider .

Oct 04,  · How to Write a Medical Research Paper. In this Article: Article Summary Researching Your Paper Writing Your Paper Community Q&A Writing a medical research paper is similar to writing other research papers in that you want to use reliable sources, write in a clear and organized style, and offer a strong argument for all conclusions you present%().

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Research papers on medical errors

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