Sleepless nights and religious fights

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Sleepless nights and religious fights

In the shadow of wind farms Credit: An industrial wind turbine stands feet tall in Mason County, Michigan.

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Lucille Sherman Reporters interviewed more than 70 families living near three dozen current or proposed wind farms. They also spoke to 10 state and local lawmakers, read hundreds of pages of public-service-commission records about wind projects, reviewed court filings in seven wind-related lawsuits and inspected lease agreements from at least eight wind farms.

The investigation found that companies convince landowners to sign away their property rights for generations based on the promise of potential profits and the minimization of potential problems associated with wind turbines.

Those problems include shadow flicker, loud noises and low-frequency vibrations that have driven dozens of families from their homes. Many of them claim to have suffered serious health issues from the turbines before departing.

The wind industry has known about these issues for years — many of its contracts contain clauses acknowledging these effects — but it denies turbines affect human health, even as complaints mount nationwide.

Some covenants bar people from suing or even publicly criticizing the projects. But they receive no compensation for the shadow flicker, noises and vibrations. Many of these residents have become vocal opponents of the industry.

Dozens of them, including the Shineldeckers, have sued the wind companies for destroying their quality of life. Wind developers have settled more than a half-dozen such cases nationwide, even while admitting no wrongdoing.

The Shineldeckers were among several neighbors who sued the company. Consumers Energy spokesman Terry DeDoes declined repeated requests to answer questions for this story. Proposed wind projects also have fractured rural communities across America, pitting neighbor against neighbor in fights over property rights and money.

Many worry about the impact these turbines will have on their homes — some families interviewed have moved out of their houses after wind farms started operating; others have stayed but suffer from shadow flicker, noises and vibrations. Elected officials tasked with voting on these developments have, in many cases, signed their own contracts with the wind companies, raising concerns about conflicts of interest.

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Despite a growing chorus of complaints, the wind industry has expanded largely unopposed. Ten years ago, less than industrial wind farms dotted the U. Today, more than 1, exist.

Much of the growth has been funded by American taxpayers.

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Billions of dollars in state and federal incentives have made wind farms so profitable that companies are racing to develop them before the handouts disappear. Industrial wind turbines generate countless complaints nationwide about sleep disturbances, migraines, nausea, ear pressure, blurred vision, tinnitus and heart palpitations.

Rampant reports about such effects from the Shirley Wind Farm in Brown County, Wisconsin, prompted the local Board of Health to declare the turbines a human health hazard.

Wind developers have used what some landowners describe as misleading tactics to get their contracts signed.Usually I can ferret out bullshit pretty well. Somehow I let myself get suckered into joining my local BNI chapter. Business Networking International is a business networking organization founded by Ivan Misner a well dressed hair hat with all of the usual con-artist plumage.

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Lyrics to "Sleepless & Senseless" song by Mac Lethal: (Sleepless nights, filled with senseless fights) Yea, this is all about your life I guess it's al.

Sleepless nights and religious fights
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