The factors influence students cumulative grade

Durden, and Patricia E. Durden and Patricia E.

The factors influence students cumulative grade

Graphing inro 1st step movie Graphing set up axis 2nd step movie Explain 10 minutes During this portion of the lesson I introduce students to the new topic for the day, factors that affect solubility.

I present the new information to students on the PowerPoint while they take notes on the top half of their notes graphic organizer. I begin by asking students the question the first slide of the PowerPoint, "If I want to make a substance dissolve in a liquid what could I do?

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I then show students the 2nd slide and tell them, "We are going to continue talking about solutions with a focus on 4 factors that affect solubility. I then go through slides with students while they write down information on their graphic organizer.

When I discuss surface area I make sure to remind students that surface area is the area on the outside and that to increasing surface area you can chop something up. Here is one student's filled in notes. As a summary of what students just learned and to transition into the next activity I have students watch this Solubility video which summarizes the factors that affect solution formation with some examples.

The goal of this activity is for students to remember the factors that affect the solubility of a solid as temperature, stirring, and surface area. I then explain to them, "We will be doing an activity to help you remember the factors that affect the solubility of a solid.

Just let them sit on your paper until we are ready to do the activity together. As I am walking around, read the instructions for the activity to yourself. Each student needs at least 3.

I put the TimerTools stopwatch timer on the projector and tell students, "we are all going to start together. I then say 3, 2,1 and go. As students are waiting I help them think about what we are doing by asking questions such as, "what is the solute?

What is the solvent?

The factors influence students cumulative grade

What is the solution? After most students are done I say, "okay, now lets do the second trial. This time not only are we going to increase the temperature, but we are also going to stir.

This trial takes students about 1 minute. This movie shows how I do this. Finally, I have students do the 3rd trial.

The factors influence students cumulative grade

Then, I countdown, start the timer, and have students do the 3rd trial. This one takes them just a few seconds. This final movie shows how I get students started on this last trial. As students are completing this last trial I tell them to spend some time answering the questions at the bottom of the activity.

I tell them to try them on their own first, and that if they are stuck then they should work with their table groups.

After almost all students are done about 5 minutes I go over the answers with students. I do this by calling on students to share out their answers.

This is an example of a student's completed paper.factors that influence performance of students in Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) in institutes of technology in South Nyanza, Kenya.

Statement of the Problem. Affective Factors Influence Classroom Learning SOCIAL psychologists warn us factors influencing student learning are numerous and diverse. To arrive at a eighth and ninth grade classes. Research by Anderson and Brewer (, ) was also addressed to the.

programming skills on students that good laboratory facilities, collaboration and on-line submission systems were among the factors that play important roles. The curriculum organization and the teaching methods were also found to be factors that affect students’ performance in programming, according to Tavares et al ().

Methods A cross-sectional study design utilizing questionnaires measuring previously validated constructs was used to evaluate the effect of these factors on students with low and high cumulative grade point averages (GPAs). Pharmacy students (N = ) enrolled at the University of Houston participated in the study.

management is the only variable that affects the Cumulative Grade Point Average of postgraduate students in selected Universities in Nigeria. Survey research design was employed and data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation.

Z-test statistics was used to test the formulated hypothesis at 5% level of significance. A student’s GPA, or Grade Point Average, is a calculation that averages his grades into a single number that shows where he falls in comparison with the rest of a class.

Several things go into calculating GPAs and these factors can have both positive and negative affects on a student’s earned.

Ninth grade Lesson Factors that Affect Solution Formation