Vegetron ltd case study

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Vegetron ltd case study

LinkedIn Strategic fit of Likonot for Janvest: There are many factors which make Likonot a good strategic fit for Janvest. Furthermore, the founders and management of Janvest have special knowledge of IT business in Israel which makes Likonot a good strategic fit for Janvest.

On the other hand, the future of the company and the industry appear to be very profitable which could make Likonot a good strategic fit for Janvest. Finally, the investment strategy of Janvest is to invest in Israel based technological companies.

Thus Likonot fulfills both the criteria of Janvest which makes it a good strategic fit for Janvest. Reasonable price of Likonot: The computation of share price is based on the discounted cash flow valuation technique.

Vegetron ltd case study

Under this method, depreciation is added in the net income and incremental working capital and incremental capital expenditure is deducted from net income in order to calculate free cash flows. The free cash flows are then multiplied with discount factor in order to calculate discounted cash flows.

Various assumptions have been made in determining the value of equity, little variance in the assumptions could significantly affect the valuation of Likonot. Due diligence procedures Janvest should have to perform: In order to acquire Likonot, Janvest should perform many due diligence procedures.

The due diligence procedures can also be performed by a specialized independent third party; this could enhance the credibility of the due diligence procedures. Firstly, the basis and reasonableness of the financial projections made by the management should be assessed.


It is highly likely that the financial projections made by the management are based on an unrealistic foundation which undermines the credibility of the valuation described above. Moreover, the main business risks should be assessed by Janvest before making any investment decision.

There are many businesses and financial risks which Likonot cannot face immediately but definitely, the performance of Likonot could be affected by these risks.

It is better for Janvest to study these risks before finalizing the investment decision. It is recommended that Janvest should invest in Likonot, the investment should be based on the price calculated in above parts.

The price could be altered according to the dealings and negotiations with the management and investors. It can be said that the future of Likonot seems to be very bright, the revenues are expected to grow drastically and the costs are also expected to decrease in near future.

The demand for the services of Likonot is also very high and will rise with an even greater rate in the future. Furthermore, usually investors seek to identify the companies which have very competent management…………………. This is just a sample partial work.

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Likonot Ltd. Case Solution, Strategic fit of Likonot for Janvest: There are many factors which make Likonot a good strategic fit for Janvest.

Vegetron ltd case study

Likonot operates in the IT sector and Jan.

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