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He goes on to prove that he should get out of the house more often…and not to go to more gigs or football games. Even though the past couple of Low albums have taken a few listens to get firmly into, there has always been at least one song that struck you right away.

Walter duranty i write as i please wbai

We are amused by actors who toy with political and social ideas, adopting and discarding them with equal caprice and treating them as the intellectual equivalent of fashion statements.

The political fads that sweep through Tinsel Town involve career far more than conscience. This fable of innocence destroyed by malice has acquired an almost irresistible sanctity during half a century of telling and retelling.

It has become the consensus view of a troubled time and the story that Hollywood tells itself each night when it goes to sleep. But is it true?

walter duranty i write as i please wbai

Our intention is to look once again at what really happened in Hollywood during that fateful episode in our history, and to re-evaluate this legend of good undone by evil. What were their aims and objectives, and how did they set about achieving them?

These are questions that have been embargoed for a generation. How did they advance their political agenda and how effective were they? Hollywood stars, directors and writers came together to create a popular front of liberals and Communists, united by their opposition to the Nazis and their support of the Democrats and Franklin D.

After the war had ended and long before HUAC came to town, the growing estrangement between the United States and the Soviet Union terminated the love affair between the Reds and the Hollywood liberals. HUAC called for testimony from scores of writers, directors and actors who were widely known in the industry to have been Party members or sympathizers in the s and s.

The result of these hearings soon led the studios to dispense with their services and to institute the now-infamous blacklist. Yet intellectuals and Hollywood personalities have made sure that it lives on as an object lesson for a new generation.

They have refashioned the time of the blacklist into a perverse parody of a golden age. In both cases, however, there is a denial of reality. That reality is the subject of this book.

There he crossed paths with a small group of revolutionaries including Lenin, Trotsky and Karl Radek—men who would lead the Bolshevik Revolution. The Comintern set up Communist parties obedient to Moscow in other countries, trained Communist leaders, and sub1 2 Red Star over Hollywood sidized and coordinated their activities.

Reframing charity as solidarity could create a potent political result, a lesson he would later use in recruiting fellow travelers and in establishing front groups for the USSR throughout the Western world. The Revolution needed these non-Communists who would never have considered joining the Party but would unwittingly do its bidding through their activity in front groups.

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Yet he had a chauffer, wore tailored suits, and enjoyed a seemingly bottomless expense account, courtesy of the Comintern. This resourceful man succeeded in raising thousands of dollars for his various committees while in the United States.

The dream of an earthly utopia embodied in the socialist experiment of Russia had already galvanized many who would become leading writers and directors. Soon afterward he was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, where he refused to testify.

This play was also trounced by the critics. Losey had seen and reported the truth; yet he too became a partisan of the Soviet Union, and even undertook to work as a secret courier for the Communist underground organized by the Comintern.

Why did he distrust his own perception of reality?

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walter duranty i write as i please wbai

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